Cold sourcing (fun): How to make everyone in the company hire someone they don’t know.

(Will Larson, Irrational Exuberance, 2018)
An illustration of Deepnote's early employees. There are four different people. Really!
(Will Larson, Irrational Exuberance, 2018)

Recipe for better sourcing jams 🍓

Your ingredients for better sourcing jam

1. Tools 🍯

  1. Around, we wanted this to be remote friendly, so we streamed the event for everyone joining remotely
  2. Slack, I created #events-sourcing-jam slack channel for the individual team & general communication.
  3. Spotify, you need a good playlist &#goodvibes only.
  4. Notion, served as a directory for us as you can see above.
  5. Remote drinks delivery platform. Especially if you have someone joining overseas and they may have mornings — it’s not really empathetic to send them their morning whiskey drink.
  1. Gem. I added everyone into my most favorite sourcing tool on this planet. It made this game much easier but you can use spreadsheets too. If you decide to go with Gem, you can let the teams create their own projects so they can add prospective candidates with just one click from LinkedIn.
  2. Github. Our amazing guest speaker Jonas made a totally perfect cookbook on how to use github as an amazing hiring .
  3. AmazingHiring. We introduced AmazingHiring as a tool that helps us see candidate’s social footprint and professional background.
  4. Instant Data Scraper. We also share how to scrape search results.
  5. Boolean search. We also came up with a toolkit on how to work with Boolean Search & Linkedn basics.

2. Prizes 🍓

Team Sourcing mama with not only one but two awards!

3. Teams 🧂

4. Working set-up 🥜

5. Rules and your baking time 🧈

  1. You use your normal LinkedIn account, or Boolean or Github
  2. Location: sourcing people only in Europe (as per our remote strategy 2022)
  3. Teams of 2–5 people
  4. The team will the highest number of sourced candidates in the shortest amount of the time (50 mins) will be the winner
  5. There will be a second prize for the team that comes up with the most unique outreach message — we will vote
  6. There will be a captain for each team that needs to make sure that we’re only sourcing candidates we’d like to eventually work with or with high quality profiles
  7. The contest duration will last no more than 1 hour
  8. The winners will win 300 USD for a charity of their choice (if you decide to support Ukraine then Deepnote will match it)

6. Hyping 🥥

7. Adding some spice 🌶

8. Reachout notes 🧄

Key takeaways



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